Will Davis

A strong drive to help people do scary things has lead Will to real estate. The idea of assisting someone in making the leap to a long-term home, a good investment, and more stable life, all in one, is a dream come true. The right home can accomplish all those things at once and there’s simply nothing more rewarding than helping people find those things. It can be especially intimidating for a first-time buyer, or someone who wants to begin investing in real estate, but those people deserve help they can trust to make their dreams come true.

Will has fallen in love with Jacksonville since moving here in 2017. His travels have given him the opportunity to live in major cities, like London, Seattle, and Los Angeles. He also has gotten to live in smaller places, like Starkville, MS, and Omaha, NE, to learn how market and buying trend adjustments have improved the quality of life for the people who live there. Taking those lessons and applying them to Jacksonville has been an amazing study in predicting the trends of this incredible, diverse, and potential-filled city.

Fun Facts:

What’s one cause you’re passionate about?

After living in so many places, huge and tiny, I really take pride in calling Jacksonville my home. I love showing people areas of this city that they didn’t know existed or businesses that are popping up that deserve to be visited.

Favorite restaurant in Jax,

Like…just one? Ugh! I’ll name a couple. Moon River Pizza, of course. Mossfire Grill, Jax Bruch Haus, Carmine’s. But if I have someone coming into town for one night, I usually take them to Hawkers. That Mee Goreng isn’t like it was in Bali, but it’s so so good!

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

I guess I’ll say somewhat dumb action movies.

Your absolute favorite spot in Jacksonville 

It really is hard to beat sitting on the beach but there are also a few Murray Hill watering holes that make me feel so very at home.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings?

Oh, a few things. I’d probably travel a great deal. I’d also love to be able to give more to the arts, both with time and money. Theatre is a long-time love of mine and there is always help needed and wonderful people to meet and enjoy.

What is your real-life superpower? 

Probably turning abstract or complex ideas into more clear bits of communication. That and storytelling.

What’s your favorite room in a house?

I’ll have to say the kitchen. It’s the only room in a house that will make all your good friends gravitate towards it for the best chats.

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