Will Davis
Marketing Coordinator

Will’s background in communication goes back a long way, although not how you would expect. With a BA in Drama and an MFA in Theatre Directing he has turned his focus from the stage and college teaching into making a better Jacksonville. As a long time traveler (he has lived in eight states and two countries) Will has a strong love of how cities and neighborhoods improve, both through the pride of area homeowners and the bravery of the small business owners that create local flavor.

Getting to help Cowford Realty & Design get out the good word about Jacksonville has been a real blast for Will. It’s exciting to hear how growth in smaller areas, like Springfield and Murray Hill, are putting those spots on the map and giving new businesses a place to grow. More established areas like Riverside, San Marco, and the beaches are favorites too, as they continue to create their own individual styles and vibes.

Will and his wife and pup live in Murray Hill and love it there. They’re often found at a neighborhood bar, or at one of the locally run theatre companies giving a hand. But give them have a chance and they’ll hit the road for a weekend away or a trip to a new corner of the country or world!

Fun Facts:

What’s one cause you’re passionate about?

After living so many places, huge and tiny, I really take pride in calling Jacksonville my home. I love getting the word out and especially about my Murray Hill businesses I love! I also want to make sure the theatre folk I know here are getting the love they very much deserve.

Favorite restaurant in Jax,

Like…just one? Ugh! I’ll name a couple. Moon River Pizza, of course. Mossfire Grill. But if I have someone coming into town for one night, I always take them to Hawkers. That Mee Goreng isn’t like it was in Bali, but it’s so good!

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

I guess I’ll say somewhat dumb action movies.

Your absolute favorite spot in Jacksonville 

It really is hard to beat sitting on the beach.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings?

Oh, a few things. I’d probably create an immersive theatre company with a nice versatile performance space. That and travel.

What is your real-life superpower? 

Probably turning abstract or complex ideas into more clear bits of communication.

What’s your favorite room in a house?

I’ll have to say the kitchen. It’s the only room in a house that will make all your good friends gravitate towards it for the best chats.

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